Phew, Bana Haffar, Nour Mobarak, Ang Wilson, Pauline Lay

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2018-03-18 21:00:00
9:00 p.m. March 18

Location Info:

2478 Fletcher Dr.
Los Angeles, CA  90039
The return to live action and first-ever visit to Los Angeles of Japan’s renowned singer-electronicist Phew is a heartening development. Known best in Japan as the force behind ’77- to ’79–era punk band Aunt Sally, the Osaka-born Phew is revered by non–genre music cultists worldwide for her classic, eponymous 1981 album made in Germany with the great bassist-soundmeister Holger Czukay and superdrummer Jaki Liebezeit of Can, along with producer Conny Plank. She’s also known for collaborations with Cluster’s Dieter Moebius, members of Einstürzende Neubauten, DAF’s Chrislo Haas, Ryuichi Sakamoto and ex-Boredoms guitarist Seiichi Yamamoto. Her recent solo releases, including the extraordinary Voice Hardcore and Light Sleep on the crucial Mesh-Key label, find Phew fearlessly plumbing the darkly arcane with a battery of analog electronics and her shiveringly ambiguous vocals; then again, she’s been known to whip out a radically transmogrified version of Johnny Thunders’ “Chinese Rocks.”
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