Paul Sietsema

Courtesy of the artist and Matthew Marks Paul Sietsema's Figure ground study (50/50) 2016


Past Event

Location Info:

Matthew Marks Gallery
1062 N. Orange Grove
Los Angeles, CA  90046
Paul Sietsema’s new paintings at Matthew Marks have the precise realism of photographs. They’re minimally composed, mostly white, gray and green. Sietsema’s image of a telephone, for instance, shows a white receiver and cord on top of a white surface. Two other paintings, called 1998 and 1997, resemble plaques in the ground. The dates at their centers seem etched into water-stained stone overgrown with moss. Other paintings depict a palette, map and coffee cup sitting on a newspaper. All together, the work reads as a painstakingly produced, obsessively well-rendered archive of objects that might, in other circumstances, seem inconsequential.


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