July 27-Sept. 7 2014

Location Info:

2A Gallery: An Alternative Art Gallery in DTLA
400 S. Main St., #2A
Los Angeles, CA  90013
If you know Patrick Nagel, the illustrator who got his start drawing for Playboy in the 1970s, maybe it's because you've seen his prints, or rip-offs of them, on beauty shop walls and windows. There are plenty there, nationwide. Nagel died young in 1984 — he had a heart attack after participating in a celebrity aerobics class — but during his short career, he drafted versions of a dark-haired, white-skinned female powerhouse over and over. Her lipstick is always immaculate. Nine screen-printed versions of her are in 2A Gallery's current show, and one of the best is Sushi Girl, where she wears a headband and a few strands of hair fall strategically over her forehead. 400 S. Main St., #2A, dwntwn.; through Sept. 7, open by appointment. (213) 924-3472,


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