OK Computer 20th Anniversary featuring Meeting People Is Easy

<i>OK Computer</i> 20th Anniversary featuring Meeting People Is Easy

Courtesy Cinefamily


Past Event

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Cinefamily/Silent Movie Theatre
611 N. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA  90048
Released 20 years ago, the career-defining masterpiece OK Computer made Radiohead one of the biggest bands in the world. Grant Gee’s 1998, Grammy-nominated Meeting People Is Easy shows that rock ‘n’ roll, however, isn’t all fun and games. Gee, who’s directed several of their videos, as well as the excellent, 2007 documentary, Joy Division, uses mostly grainy black-and-white footage when following the group on their world tour to promote their album. But the movie is less about their musical performances – Glastonbury, Radio City Music Hall, Letterman – and more about the band members dealing with the drudgery of life on the road: posing for photo shoots, recording TV and radio promos and answering relentlessly silly questions from the press (“What’s the stupidest question a journalist ever asked you?"). In one scene, a British news anchor describes them as “music to slit your wrist to.” A lively, euphoric concert film, this isn’t. Cinefamily screens the documentary in addition to Radiohead videos.


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