O.J. Simpson Museum Pop-Up

O.J. Simpson Museum Pop-Up

Ted Soqui


Past Event
$5, $4 in advance

Since he was in high school, Brentwood native Adam Papagan has been giving tours — unofficial and later official — of locations pertinent to the O.J. Simpson case, from Sydney Simpson's middle school to the condo where Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered. Over the years he's also collected pop-cultural artifacts associated with the crime and subsequent "trial of the century," including bootleg T-shirts, books, games and even a '94 Ford Bronco. For the first time, Papagan displays his collection at the O.J. Museum Pop-Up at Coagula Curatorial in Chinatown. Besides Papagan's artifacts, the pop-up put out an open call for people to loan their own O.J. memorabilia and art to the show, so expect surprises. Morbid, sad, sensational surprises.


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