Oh Land

Olivia Frölich Oh Land


Past Event

Location Info:

Hollywood Forever Cemetery
6000 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA  90038
Nanna Øland Fabricius carries within her sweet voice the shadow of a dagger. This is not to say that she’ll use it on you — not directly, anyway. Sometimes all you need is the shadow of a dagger to make a point. Through four studio albums and one record of soundtrack work, Oh Land has presented a vision of femininity that crackles with reversals and salient points; just when you think you’ve pegged her as yet another disposable pop act, you notice that you’re bleeding from a cut somewhere on your body, a place you usually don’t look at. She uses choreography like another instrument in her videos — most perfectly on “Renaissance Girls” — as greater comments on the human condition, frail and multifaceted as it tends to be, all coalescing into the spectacular action you will witness tonight.
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