, The CIA, Rumblepak, Paige Emery


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The Echo
1822 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA  90026
213-413-8200 — or possibly Numb·er, the dot tends to orbit like a rotten sun — are the band that’s packing them in, freaking them out and bowling them over during their Monday Night Residencies. A skillful mélange of darkwave and synthgaze, this is the outfit founded by Jeff Fribourg, late of local kraut-psych merchants Froth. Likely you’ll hear tracks from the magnum opus that is Numb?er’s upcoming album, Goodbye, this evening. The shakeup in The CIA continues, with all agents leaving the organization, which is now apparently manned only by a singer named Denee and two bassists named Ty and Emmett. Rumblepak maintain their aura of enigma even as artist Paige Emery drinks deep from the atmosphere with her signature admixture of no-fi fuzzed-out pop, live oil painting and video art to create a spectacle unequaled in our lifetime.


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