Murder City Devils, Big Business


Sun., April 15, 8 p.m. 2018

Location Info:

The Teragram Ballroom
1234 W. Seventh St.
Los Angeles, CA  90017
Twenty-two years might seem long enough for time to wear away even the toughest rock — and yet The Murder City Devils have retained their shape as a hard-rockin’, well-liquored exemplar of garage rock that is in fact a portrait of the garage in its totality. In the corner sway the cobwebs; on the floor, the grime of countless vehicles worked on, dismantled and sometimes wrecked. Occasionally — as seen with their breaks from music — the floor must be swept clean. In time, that base becomes even dirtier, even rougher, paradoxically repelling both mange and dinge on its way to becoming as primal as beasts lurking at the back of a cave. Also: Big Business, bringing the gloom of the Pacific Northwest and laying down metal riffs twice as loud as thunder with only a fraction of the electrocution risk.


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