Mr. Airplane Man

Photo courtesy of the artist Mr. Airplane Man


Past Event

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The Redwood Bar & Grill
316 W. Second St.
Los Angeles, CA  90012
Named after an eerie blues ramble by Howlin’ Wolf, Mr. Airplane Man is the curiously beguiling duo of singer-guitarist Margaret Garrett and drummer-keyboardist Tara McManus. In the late 1990s, they drew a lot of attention busking on the streets of their Boston hometown and touring with such simpatico garage-rock revisionists as The Dirtbombs, The White Stripes and The Reigning Sound. They’re most often recognized for the raw, haunting way they combine The Gun Club’s ghostly blues with the forceful rhythmic momentum of John Lee Hooker, but Garrett varies the bluesy mood with jangling, psychedelic folk tunes that are also melodically affecting. McManus and Garrett dropped out of sight for many years as each raised her children, but they reunited last year and are relocating to the West Coast. Also at Permanent Records, Saturday, Nov. 5.


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