Milena Bonilla: Low-Intensity Operation

Milena Bonilla: Low-Intensity Operation

Photo by Kelly Barrie. Installation Views of "The Silence of Ordinary Things" and "Milena Bonilla: Low-Intensity Operations"


Past Event

Location Info:

The Mistake Room
1811 E. 20th St.
Los Angeles, CA  90058
The work in Amsterdam-based Colombian artist Milena Bonilla’s Mistake Room show, “Low-Intensity Operation,” is almost all about elusive subjects, or about what you find when you seek out the strange aftereffects of political decisions. Her film Stone Deaf was made in a London cemetery where the remains of Karl Marx once were — the British Communist Party commissioned the relocation of the remains in 1954. An army of ants crawls over the weathered stone, which torturously explains how Marx and family have been moved.


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