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Hollywood Palladium
6215 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA  90028
Atlanta metal band Mastodon have carved a 15-year career out of mixing proggish psychedelics, sludgy power riffs and esoteric lyrical trips into one of the most consistent discographies in modern metal. The raw heaviness of their early work is long gone, but what the band have become is so much more vital to the current metal landscape than retreading past power. Mastodon’s newest record, Emperor of Sand, continues to see the band refine their barrages of riffs and mighty vocal bellows into tightly compacted compositions in which not a single note is wasted. There are still occasional forays into sprawling storms of tower-toppling metal (most notably the shred-heavy “Roots Remain”), but for the most part, Mastodon have settled into a groove where they pack as many riffs as possible into every song.
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