Marshall Allen

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2478 Fletcher Dr.
Los Angeles, CA  90039
The holiday season just gave us an overdose of sugary and predictable melodies, but Marshall Allen is ready to burst out of the gate of the new year with a blizzard of florid notes and unusual phrasings. The 93-year-old multi-instrumentalist (alto saxophone, EVI, kora, piccolo, flute, oboe) understands the spaces between spaces, and has been to outer space and beyond with The Sun Ra Arkestra. He began working with saturnine piano visionary Sun Ra in the late ’50s and took over as bandleader of the Arkestra when its namesake died in 1993. For all his range and avant-garde leanings, Allen isn’t just a squawking noisemaker. He has a rich tone, fluid dexterity and an ability to create melodies that are both experimental and soulfully satisfying.
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