Mark As Spam: The Email Game Show

Mark As Spam: The Email Game Show

Courtesy Geoffrey Golden


Past Event

Location Info:

The Last Bookstore
453 S. Spring St.
Los Angeles, CA  90013

Spam is a nuisance. You probably spend hours each day deleting emails about male enhancement drugs, diet pills or money scams from Nigerian princes. Mark as Spam: The Email Game Show, however, turns the scourge of the internet into comedy. Hosted by Joey Clift and special guest Laura Silverman, comedians Danielle Radford, Jamie Loftus, Brodie Reed and Allegra Ringo share emails that are real and some fake ones culled from Amanda Meadows' forthcoming parody book, The Best American Emails: Re: A Collection of the Finest Accidental Reply Alls, Pharma Spams, and Anonymous Death Threats. (Meadows is co-founder of comedy book publisher the Devastator Press.) Audience members determine which messages are actual or made up, and the winner with the most correct answers receives email-themed prizes, including a tote bag from the movie You've Got Mail and a signed copy of Meadows' book.

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