Magic Wands, Geneva Jacuzzi, Glaare

Magic Wands, Geneva Jacuzzi, Glaare

Photo by Jenny Baumert Magic Wands


Past Event

Location Info:

The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd.
Highland Park, CA  90042-1713
Magic Wands live up to their name with an enchanting dream-pop sound that buries Dexy Valentine’s vocals in a blurry haze of Chris Valentine’s loud guitars. Relocated to L.A. after being based in Nashville, the duo have increased their already considerable magic powers with bassist Tommy Alexander and drummer Keith Crutchfield, a rhythm section who have added an exhilarating drive to the Valentines’ gauzy melodies. It’s unusual for a dream-pop band to have such rhythmic force, which anchors even the airiest tunes with a solid base on the group’s 2016 album, Jupiter. When the two Valentines add their interlocking guitars, Dexy’s singing becomes tightly wrapped up in a spidery web of majestic riffs. The musical contrast deepens with glittery dance-floor diva Geneva Jacuzzi, who chants such freaky and provocative workouts as “Squid Hunter” and “Aerosol Can.”


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