Los Cat-geles: A History of L.A. Cats

Los Cat-geles: A History of L.A. Cats

Dr. Paul Koudounaris

Location Info:

Hyperion Tavern
1941 Hyperion Ave.
Los Angeles, CA  90027

Paul Koudounaris is a man of many interests. After earning his Ph.D. in art history from UCLA, he set out to photograph the ossuaries and charnel houses of Europe, which resulted in the publication of three books. He's also a fervent animal lover, consistently unearthing some of the most interesting stories about our furry friends. Now, Dr. Koudounaris debuts Los Cat-geles: A History of L.A. Cats, a lecture on the feline residents of his hometown of Los Angeles. Not only is L.A. home to more cats than any other U.S. city, it also has the highest number of cat-related ghost stories, such as the one about Beelzebub, the black cat who used to patrol the former Ambassador Hotel, even in the afterlife. Hear these fascinating stories and more, plus music from Sister Calypso, Gianna Gianna and DJ Don Bolles.

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