Kate Tempest

Photo courtesy of the artist Kate Tempest


Past Event

Location Info:

The Echoplex
1154 Glendale Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA  90026
Kate Tempest lives up to her name with an angry but inspiring whirlwind of nonstop words that she spits out with hip-hop rhythms and a decidedly unsentimental worldview. The English poet isn’t waiting for her words to be discovered in a musty attic a hundred years from now. Instead, she casts out her blurry spells with a hard-driving immediacy that makes it palpably clear that now is the time to reclaim our lives from social oppressors. “We have learned nothing from history/The people are dead in their lifetimes/Dazed in the shine of the streets,” Tempest warns over a coldly funky backdrop on her timely new video “Europe Is Lost,” from her latest album, Let Them Eat Chaos. Later she surveys a barren landscape of racial injustice, environmental destruction, “tainted” language, poverty and seeming hopelessness: “Riots are tiny though, systems are huge/Traffic keeps moving.”


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