<i>Jesus Christ Superstar</i>

Universal Pictures

Location Info:

Echo Park Film Center
1200 N. Alvarado St.
Los Angeles, CA  90026

Anyone who thinks that a rousing rock opera isn't an appropriate vehicle to depict the events leading up to Christ's crucifixion clearly hasn't seen Jesus Christ Superstar. The 1973 Norman Jewison film, based on the Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice stage production, recounts the story of Jesus' last days, and his conflict with disciple-turned-betrayer Judas, through catchy musical numbers and groovy costumes set against the out-of-this-world landscape of the Negev Desert. Instead of trivializing the biblical story, the film movingly conveys the agony, ecstasy and humanity of Jesus, which is why it remains so popular more than 40 years after its original release.

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