Jeremy Everett: Double Pour

Jeremy Everett: Double Pour

Courtesy of the artist and Wilding Cran Jeremy Everett's film "Floy" (2015)


Past Event

Location Info:

Wilding Cran
939 South Santa Fe Avenue
Los Angeles, CA  90021
When he decided to wreck a 60-foot Real Dairy truck on a Utah highway, artist Jeremy Everett had to get government agencies involved. The road had to be closed for the crash, permits were required and Everett had to convince authorities that all the spilt milk would evaporate quickly. Everett, who refers to the wrecked truck as a “sculpture,” filmed it from above and from the side. The resulting video — projected as part of his exhibition “Double Pour” at Wilding Cran Gallery — recalls aerial news footage of brutal accidents at first. Then after a while the whole thing begins to seem too perfectly composed, too quiet to be an accident at all. The show, which includes photographs and understated paintings, all feels like that: a destructive impulse constantly being tamped down by an urge for order.


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