Japanese Art and Aesthetics

Japanese Art and Aesthetics

courtesy of Mehr McArthur


Wed., Oct. 26, 7-8 p.m. 2016
$20 (non-members)/$10 (members)

Location Info:

Hillcrest Center for the Arts
403 W. Hillcrest Dr.
Thousand Oaks, CA  91362
California Museum of Art Thousand Oaks (CMATO) presents: An Appreciation of Japanese Art and Aesthetics When asked to describe Japanese aesthetics or artistic style, many people in the West might think of the simplicity and austerity of a Zen rock garden or a thatched teahouse. Others might picture a beautiful woman in white make-up and a vibrant red and gold kimono. Someone else might imagine a shiny black lacquer box with gold designs of flowers, and a younger person might argue that Japanese style is best represented bymanga cartoons and anime films. Japan does not have one single artistic style or sensibility. All of the above examples illustrate different Japanese aesthetics that have evolved over the centuries in response to the taste of diverse patrons. The Imperial Court, Zen tea masters, wealthy samurai warriors, merchants, courtesans, and even foreigners have all influenced Japanese style and taste in profound and enduring ways. Meher McArthur, an independent Asian art curator, author, and educator specializing in the art of Japan, will explore the various aesthetics co-exist in Japanese culture in a lecture with slides.


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