Ingrid Michaelson

Photo by Shervin Lainez Ingrid Michaelson


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The Theatre at Ace Hotel
929 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA  90015
“There’s a whole lot of heart in me,” Ingrid Michaelson declares on her seventh album, It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense. The native of Staten Island, New York, writes such persuasively engaging melodies that it’s easy to underestimate her as a mere pop diva. “You’re not the Cash, and I’m not the June,” she slyly jokes on “Hell No,” as the song continues as a defiant statement of romantic independence. At times, the new album’s slick, radio-friendly arrangements disguise the subversive wit hidden in her verses. Even amid the ebullient, swirling hook of “Miss America,” Michaelson appears determined to reinvent herself and not be limited by other people’s expectations. “I’m never where you want me to be/I’m always coloring inside of the lines,” she sings. “I’ll never be the girl on TV.” Also Thursday, Oct. 27.
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