Ian James: "Higher-Self Rendezvous"

Ian James: "Higher-Self Rendezvous"

Metro PCS L.A.


Past Event

Location Info:

metro pcs
422 Ord St. 2nd Floor, Suite D
Los Angeles, CA  90012
Ian James’ exhibition at Metro PCS, the small space he co-runs with artist Matt Siegle, has a cultish, corporate feel. Images of glass, pyramid-shaped skyscrapers spread across one wall, a purplish sky behind them. On the tile floor, clear plastic poles puncture high-resolution, stock-style images (in one image, a woman’s cheek rests against a clean white phone), creating these stool-like, calf-high assemblages. The show, called “Higher Self-Rendezvous,” has a press release that reads like hackneyed brochure, though foul cynicism seeps through at the sentence-level: “When we raise our vibration, everything shits [sic] and the impossible becomes possible.”
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