Hijokaidan, Damion Romero, Joe & Joe

Hijokaidan, Damion Romero, Joe & Joe

Photo courtesy of the artist Hijokaidan


Thu., June 15, 7 p.m. 2017
Founded and led by guitarist Jojo Hiroshige, Osaka’s Hijokaidan is Japanese noise and free improvisation at its most extreme. The super-prolific combo, now in their 37th year, have a revolving lineup that has ranged from two members to as many as 14 in its younger days. Longtime regulars include Jojo’s wife, Junko, and Toshiji Mikawa. Hiroshige, also head and owner of the Osaka-based Alchemy Records, is a man with preternaturally focused vision (and eardrums) whose dense fields of “noise” are, given a bit of patience, actually aural beauty turned sideways. This one-night-only show is their first in California since 1993 and their first here with the Jojo/Junko/Mikawa lineup. Veteran extreme-sounds man Damion Romero (P-Tapes label, KXLU’s Psychotechnics radio show) and Los Angeles Free Music Society greats Joe Potts and Joseph Hammer also are on the bill.
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