Helado Negro, Brainstory


Fri., Oct. 14, 8 p.m. 2016
$15 & $20

Location Info:

Multiply L.A.
200 S. Hill St.
Los Angeles, CA  90012
South Florida polyglot Roberto Lange calls himself Helado Negro (Black Ice) to further warp his identity and our collective minds. The prolific experimenter makes a lot of recordings sung in Spanish and English, where he retools the pop song by shaping it with the culturally biased sonics of language itself. When interfaced with his sometimes high-tech but often cassette-roar low-tech approach to stumbling across tunes, he consistently finds fertile ground in a beguiling no-person’s-land of eternal in-betweenness — there’s a thrillingly resonant ineffability to the sounds he makes. He’ll be premiering songs from his new Private Energy album, out next week on the choice Asthmatic Kitty label. Opening band Brainstory specialize in a very tasty stew of neo-jazzy psych-pop, swirling sounds for sunny days and balmy nights.


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