Haunted Summer, Mooncult, Strange Phases

Haunted Summer, Mooncult, Strange Phases

Photo by Molly Adams Haunted Summer

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428 S. Hewitt St.
Los Angeles, CA  90013
“Come, won’t you find me in my little hideaway?” Bridgette Moody urges, luring listeners into “The Woods,” a pastoral reverie from Haunted Summer’s 2017 album, Spirit Guides. She and her guitarist-husband, John Seasons, have been crafting delicately enchanting songs together since 2012. Their 2013 EP, Something in the Water, demonstrated the duo’s ability to create enchanting soundscapes, but they reveal the full breadth of their emotional and musical range on Spirit Guides. Seasons’ gentle acoustic guitar evokes nostalgic folk rock, but his washes of synthesizer and psychedelic touches, such as hints of backward guitar, take Haunted Summers’ nature-centered odes “Golden” and “The Woods” straight into outer space. Through it all, Moody’s airy vocals descend lightly and gracefully over Seasons’ passages before building intensity in the echoing canyons of the epic title track.
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