Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

Location Info:

Immanuel Presbyterian Church
3300 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA  90010
What if we read the books we love as if they were sacred texts? What would we learn? How might they change us? Harry Potter and the Sacred Text is a podcast reading Harry Potter, the best-selling series of all time, as if it was a sacred text. Just as Christians read the Bible, Jews the Torah and Muslims read the Quran, Harvard chaplains Vanessa Zoltan and Casper ter Kuile embark on a 199 ­episode journey (one chapter a week) to glean what wisdom and meaning J.K. Rowling’s beloved novels have for us today. They read? Harry Potter,? not just as novels, but as instructive and inspirational texts that will teach us about our own lives. Join them for their live show, where they'll deep dive into a chapter, compete for the 30-second recap crown, and try-out a medieval christian reading practice with this modern day classic.
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