Hans Zimmer

Ed Robinson/OneRedEye


Past Event

Location Info:

Microsoft Theater
777 Chick Hearn Court
Los Angeles, CA  90015
Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer has been the mastermind behind both longtime classic scores for such films as Thelma and Louise, True Romance and The Lion King and later classic scores for the likes of Inception, The Dark Knight series and 12 Years a Slave. Zimmer — whose composing catalog boasts more than 120 films — brings his inimitable work to the stage, a first in North America, for a one-of-a-kind experience. Presented in two parts, the first half is recognizable pieces from his earlier works, the second reinterpreted versions of his later compositions. During the latter, Zimmer will be joined by some of his high-profile collaborators. Considering this list includes Pharrell Williams and Johnny Marr, to mention just a couple, the mind boggles at the possibilities of who might step onstage.


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