<i>Fox News the Musical</i>

Courtesy Trevor Downs-Robertson


Past Event

Location Info:

Secret Rose Theatre
11246 Magnolia Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA  91601

Though the recent string of sexual harassment and racial discrimination lawsuits filed against Fox News is no laughing matter, Fox News the Musical takes a humorous swipe at the right-wing news network. Directed by Eric Phillips, who also wrote the book, the show features sketch and improv actors Janae Thompson, Jordan Stidham, Ted Reis, Jolie Adamson, Erin Brownett, Jordan Brown, Samantha Labrecque, Rachanee Lumayno, Colton Iverson, Jordan Todd Brown and Nick Losorelli singing original songs (music by Bradley Brough and Joanna Castle Miller, lyrics by Miller and Phillips). Set in Fox News' headquarters in New York, the plot follows a young, secretly liberal African-American intern, who climbs the corporate ladder and unwittingly exposes the corporation's media bias. Along the way she meets characters with not-so-thinly-veiled names such as Glen O'Ranity.

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