First Creative Visions Sundowner of the Sun - Thomas Muchimba Buttenschon to Perform: A Benefit to Create AIDS/HIV+ Awareness

First Creative Visions Sundowner of the Sun - Thomas Muchimba Buttenschon to Perform: A Benefit to Create AIDS/HIV+ Awareness

Dan Eldon Center for Creative Activism The Creative Artists Network Sundowner, Los Angeles, featuring Thomas Muchimba Buttenschon

Location Info:

Creative Visions Foundation
18820 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu, California  90265
Thomas Muchimba Buttenschon is a renowned Danish musician, hailing from Denmark with roots in Zambia, using his talent as an artist to create awareness about the AIDS epidemic in Zambia and beyond. He is not just one to create awareness, he is on a quest to help eradicate it. This is accomplished through the promotion of testing and erasing the stigma associated with HIV+/AIDS through the his test-for-ticket concert series in Zambia and beyond. His mission is to save lives by promoting testing in Africa. Hosted by Creative Visions, an agency created as a solid platform for artists who are also activists, the music of Thomas Muchimba Buttenschon will be featured during a live concert in which he will perform in Malibu for the first Creative Visions Sundown of the Summer. Creative Visions defines a “creative activist” as “an individual who uses media and the arts to ignite social change in the world around them.” The concert will take place May 18th from 6 p.m. - 9 p.m. at The Dan Eldon Center for Creative Activism in Malibu, CA. Renowned musician Thomas Muchimba Buttenschon will be featured in the forthcoming film, "Doin' My Drugs" directed by Tyler Rosen. The event in Malibu this May will raise funds for The Muchimba Music Foundation's test-for-ticket concert tour which will re-launch later this year, where people in Zambia will receive free concert tickets if they take an HIV test. The mission of The Muchimba Foundation is to eradicate AIDS in Zambia, to erase the stigma associated with AIDS/testing HIV+ and to save thousands of lives through creative activism. The Muchimba Foundation held their first test- ticket-tour in Zambia in November of 2015. Everyone who agreed to test for HIV, received a concert ticket to hear Buttenschon perform at a live concert. In conjunction with The Muchimba Music Foundation’s partners, The AIDS Healthcare Foundation and the Roskilde Festival, testing was provided to 10,802 Zambians through the last concert series. The people who receive the test and test positive for HIV+ receive medical care that they need. The video of Thomas Muchimba Buttenschon’s latest release is found here: Buttenschon’s plans include his next goal of providing free testing to 100,000 Zambians through the test-for-ticket concert series to launch later this year. For more information about Creative Visions, the organization hosting the forthcoming concert in Malibu featuring Thomas Muchimba Buttenschon, please visit To purchase tickets for the benefit concert in Malibu, please visit the eventbrite link at For more information about the film project or the foundation, please reach out to The Muchimba Music Foundation directly via their website. News release provided by Lisa J. Pellegrene TV/Film professional, more information at She is also a long term animal advocate, social justice advocate and publicist reachable at


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