Feral Ohms, Pins of Light, Zig Zags

Feral Ohms, Pins of Light, Zig Zags

Raeni Miller Feral Ohms


Past Event

Location Info:

The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd.
Highland Park, CA  90042-1713
Guitarist Ethan Miller’s earlier band Comets on Fire basically taught the mid-2000s the freeing power of transcendental rock shreddery. Now he’s back with his new outfit, Feral Ohms, one of those rare bands with a name that says it all. This is wild and electric stuff, naturally, and frequent comparisons to The MC5’s Kramer/Smith double-barrel sonic attack and to Japan’s ferociously overcranked psychedelicists High Rise are both correct and highly deserved. But there’s also some of longhair-era Black Flag, the You Don’t Want My Name and Raw Power Stooges, even the Lemmy-est parts of Hawkwind in this in-the-red rock. It’s lightning-struck psychedelic punk with a fiery trail behind it — highly recommended for anybody who prefers asteroids and meteorites to plain old rock. With absolutely appropriate thrashers Zig Zags supporting — brothers from a different mothership.


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