FABRIC an exhibition feat Shane Heath

FABRIC an exhibition feat Shane Heath

Shane Heath


Past Event

Location Info:

Shotwell Gallery
1052 S Olive
Los Angeles, CA  90015
F A B R I C is a body of work by Shane Heath completed over the last 12 months. The works weave a dialogue discussing the fabric that makes up culture and consciousness. You'll notice motifs inspired by body art and garmet work done by indiginous cultures to breathe meaning and self expression into their culture. You'll also notice some familiar faces that shape our culture and thus our consciousness today. The works are a balance of an honest look at our current cultural landscape blended with the current trend towards exploring the self. It's simultaneously becoming aware of the absurdity of today and inviting one into the beauty that has always been there within. The pieces allow the mind to play with a range of interpretations and energetic consumption depending on the viewers distance and perspective. The combination of loose and detailed elements cause the mind to compute the missing details and allows for an interplay between viewer and painting.
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