ExSage, Death Hymn Number 9, Girl Tears, The Mad Walls


2016-12-12 20:30:00
8:30 p.m. December 12

Location Info:

Bootleg Theater
2200 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA  90057
ExSage rose from the ashes of L.A. psych-rockers Cobalt Cranes, when that band’s Kate Clover and Tim Foley rekindled their musical and romantic partnership in Joshua Tree. On their 2016 EP, Out of the Blue, there’s a newfound focus, urgency and leather-jacketed toughness to their sound, reminiscent of other fuzz-loving West Coast rockers such as The Warlocks and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. There’s some Fleetwood Mac–like tension to many of the songs as well; on “Love Me Doom,” guitars and emotions churn as Clover wails, “I don’t want your love.” Openers Death Hymn Number 9 reduce garage-rock to a deliriously primitive wall of noise, over which frontman and local DIY scene hero Paul Gonzalez howls like a wild child raised by wolves in the woods behind Tom Waits’ house.
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