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REDCAT: Roy & Edna Disney/CalArts Theater
631 W. Second St.
Los Angeles, CA  90012
If there’s anyone who knows what the end of the world sounds like, it’s Ulrich Krieger. The Lou Reed collaborator and CalArts professor celebrates a decade in Los Angeles with tonight’s premiere of “Black Sun Rebirth,” his ambient/doom metal/vexed chamber music (circle one or more) marking his latest collaboration with the nonet EXO//ENDO. Mixing turntables, synthesizers, cellos and vocals, the combo also premieres a piece by founding member Braden Diotte, “General Manifest” — a wild welter of giant metal sheets summoning up the thunder and adventure that evoke his days riding the rails through the wastelands of the American West. If ever you needed a hot shot of experimental greatness, this is the time and place.
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