Evil Genius

Courtesy of the artist Evil Genius, from left: Max Kutner, Michael Lockwood, Stefan Kac

Location Info:

123 Astronaut E.S. Onizuka St.
Los Angeles, CA  90012
Once upon a time, the tuba was a necessity in jazz, the foundational instrument upon which the building blocks of harmony and melody were crafted. It was also something you could carry down the streets of New Orleans, which was important if you were playing jazz for a funeral parade, as was the tradition. Once jazz went indoors, the string bass rendered the tuba obsolete. Thanks to late night talk shows, the tuba is making a comeback, and there is no better improvising tubist in L.A. than Stefan Kac. He, along with guitarist Max Kutner and drummer Michael Lockwood, make stylized free jazz in their trio Evil Genius. Genius for the brilliant interplay and compositions, Evil for making people admit to their dates they now enjoy tuba music. Their new album is called Bitter Human, and these non-robots make music that can be bitter, but still tasty and intoxicating, like an IPA.
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