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The Love Song
450 S. Main St.
Los Angeles, CA  90013
“Actual butterflies have been following me and influencing me. … My upcoming new album has lyrical themes of metamorphosis and psychological transformation,” Guy Blakeslee explains in a phone interview about his fascination with lepidopterans as well as “The Butterfly Cabinet: A Surrealist Cabaret,” his monthlong residency at the Love Song. As leader of Entrance Band, Blakeslee knows how to cast out savagely heavy hard-rock riffs for maximum sonic impact, but at the intimate Love Song he’ll pare things down as Entrance, his kinder, gentler folkie persona, much as he did on the recent album Book of Changes (Thrill Jockey Records), a collection of subtly psychedelic romantic yearning. “It’s a new incarnation that has different sounds,” Blakeslee says about tonight’s backing band, which includes singer Rachel Fannan. “It’s more about the words and singing, more orchestrated, not as loud.”
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