Edgar Arceneaux: Library of Black Lies

Edgar Arceneaux: Library of Black Lies

Courtesy of The Main Museum of Los Angeles Art, photo by Elon Schoenholz. Edgar Arceneaux's Library of Black Lies (2016)


Past Event

Location Info:

The Main Museum
114 W 4th St
Los Angeles, CA  90013
Among the best things about Edgar Arceneaux's Library of Black Lies is how its rough, wooden frame contrasts its surroundings. Installed in a historic home in Paris last year, its intentional ruggedness attractively contradicted its decorative environs. At the Main Museum downtown, where the Library currently lives among the columns of a high-ceilinged 1920s lobby, the structure tempers the clean, tasteful ambition of the rehabbed space. It's dark inside, and the books are dark too, many blackened and some altered. Illustrated versions of the Bible accompany versions of Ed Guerrero's Framing Blackness, tweaked by the artist to encompass a larger range of nonwhite skin tones.


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