East Los Queer Flea Market

East Los Queer Flea Market

Iris Green

There's a new flea market in town, and it's 100 percent vegan, queer and family-friendly. "We are about breaking down barriers and opening up communities and acknowledging all genders, sexualities, abilities and peoples," says Iris Green, a cookbook author, educator and nutritional activist who is behind the East Los Queer Flea Market, along with drag persona, community leader and POC LGBTQ advocate Phillip Hurt. Vendors sell everything from herbal tinctures and art to clothing, terrariums and hand-crafted pipes. There's also an open mic and an altar celebrating the lives of trans women who were murdered this year. As Green explains, "The idea is that queer is about the individual defining themselves. This is a space and place for people to feel safe inside their definition of that identity."

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