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The York
5018 York Blvd.
Highland Park, CA  90042
We’ll happily lump Dr. Mint in with the too-rare new crew of jazz-aligned musicians who push the post-jazz dialogue forward into heady realms that embrace sonic strains from experimental and progressive rock, electronics and minimalism, while still tipping a hat to the blues and even ye olde straight-ahead jazz. The band’s Daniel Rosenboom is a super-prolific composer-trumpeter who has made interdisciplinary, collaborative art his pursuit, bringing together similarly inclined artists such as saxophonist Gavin Templeton for releases on his Orenda Records label, including 2017’s choice Voices in the Void. The Dr. Mint band assembles Rosenboom, Templeton, guitarist Alexander Noice, bassist Sam Minaie and drummer Matt Mayhall in a breaking of the jazz chains via the technique of spontaneous composition, which eschews trad-jazz structures for an interweaved storytelling approach in which everybody solos and nobody solos.
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