<i>Don't Boooo, Vote!</i>

Political Cartoonist DonkeyHotey


Past Event

Location Info:

UCB Sunset
5419 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA  90027
When President Obama told a crowd, "Don't boo ... vote," he wasn't talking to a room full of ghosts — but there's no shame in adding some festive fun to the election process. At UCB's Don't Boooo, Vote! a pair of seasoned — and dead — crusaders for voting rights make the trip back from beyond the grave to oversee an evening of comedy with guests and other "ghosts." Hosts Ghost of Elizabeth Cady Stanton (Julie Sharbutt) and Ghost of Frederick Douglass (Lucas Hazlett) want to make the audience laugh but get out the vote, too. As such, live humans will be on hand to help people register to vote online before the Oct. 24 deadline.
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