DommeCraft: Verbal Domination 1

DommeCraft: Verbal Domination 1

Simone Justice

Location Info:

Chi Temple
Downtown Los Angeles
Downtown Los Angles, California  90017
[[TO BE LISTED IN AFTER DARK AREA]] This is the first class in a series of three 4-hour Classes on what to say and how to skillfully, purposefully and effectively talk in the Dominant role. Each class builds on the previous one but can also be taken without taking the entire series. Taught by Simone Justice and Damiana Chi, two of the world’s most respected, experienced and skilled professional Dominatrices, who were both named in a recent article listing LA’s Best Dommes. Each began in Lifestyle personal BDSM play and then trained with legendary experienced Dominatrices in the traditional way. They are proud to pass down knowledge in this course and add more Dommes to their lineage. Because they each hold a Postgraduate Degree in Psychology and have experience in the field, their focus is on Verbal and Psychological aspects of BDSM. This initial course in a series covers basics and essentials of Verbal Domination: Level 1 Topics include: Why Verbal is so powerful The most important thing to say Finding your Dominant voice How to structure Verbal Domination What to talk about Many things to say at any moment What to say during certain types of play Important scene-ending verbal skills What to say to keep your sub coming back Practice and Feedback Held at the luxurious and well-stocked dungeon, Chi Temple in Downtown Los Angeles, with access to professional level toys and equipment. Use your voice as the way into your sub’s mind, heart, body and soul. Level 2&3 in the series will progress intensity and skills allowing for time in between to process and practice your new skills before taking it to the next level. Verbal Domination 2: TBA Verbal Domination 3: TBA Testimonial: “Simone’s method of teaching her verbal classes is a fantastic technique that every Dominatrix and Dominant should know. Her proven experience and knowledge speaks for itself. It’s a great tool to have for beginners and experienced people alike. I recommend it completely.” - Mistress Mei Li Exact location will be given with final registration materials.
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