<i>Divorce Italian Style</i>

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Past Event

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Laemmle Monica Film Center
1332 2nd St.
Santa Moncia, CA  90401

Laemmle screens Divorce Italian Style at three locations as part of its Anniversary Classics series. One of the funniest European films of the 1960s, this salacious comedy features Marcello Mastroianni as an aristocratic lothario who attempts to coordinate an affair between his boring wife and a local painter so he can discover and murder them in the act, get off on a light sentence, and marry his cousin. (Divorce in Italy is illegal, you see.) A brilliant lampoon of Sicilian social scruples, Pietro Germi's film ages gracefully thanks to an Oscar-winning screenplay and Mastroianni's hilarious turn as a parody of male chauvinism. He would return to that mold, albeit in a more nuanced form, in Fellini's .

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