Dinosaurs: Unextinct

Billings Productions


April 15-Oct. 31 2016

Location Info:

Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens
5333 Zoo Dr.
Los Angeles, CA  90027
Dinosaurs are pretty fucking rad. In celebration of their radness, the Los Angeles Zoo introduces the exhibit "Dinosaurs: Unextinct," a wild ride through the 135 million years during which dinosaurs completely rejected democracy and ruled the Earth. Get up close to 17 advanced animatronic dinosaurs and discover facts about their lives and their similarities to animals you'll find at the zoo today. From the wily Suchomimus to the devious Carnotaurus to the tempestuous Tyrannosaurus, you'll learn a thing or two while you thank God for sending those meteors down to make way for Jesus and you! Through Oct. 31.


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