Diana Thater: A Runaway World

Diana Thater: A Runaway World

T. Kelly Mason Still from Diana Thater's As Radical as Reality


Past Event

Location Info:

The Mistake Room
1811 E. 20th St.
Los Angeles, CA  90058
Diana Thater traveled to Kenya this year and last, filming the landscape and also the last surviving white male rhino. In the slow-moving, hypnotic videos she made, now playing at the Mistake Room, the rhino appears always in the company of armed guards, stationed to protect him from poachers. Often, he appears alongside quiet footage of a majestic landscape, a meditation on vastness and finitude, since with this one rhino dies a species. Thater has constructed stand-alone viewing structures by intersecting two see-through screens and projecting footage from two ceiling-mounted projectors. You have to walk in circles to get the whole feel of the footage, though this means you feel compelled to move while watching videos that otherwise encourage stillness.


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