Kai Swillus Destruction


Past Event

Location Info:

The Regent Theater
448 S. Main St.
Los Angeles, CA  90013-1320
While seldom enjoying the horns-aloft reverence heaped upon fellow Euro black-metal precursors Celtic Frost, Venom, Kreator and Bathory, German thrashers Destruction similarly foreshadowed that darkest of hard rock subgenres with their morbidly themed, mid-1980s metal-punk mongrelization. Having drifted into label-less obscurity in the ’90s, the trio returned, two-thirds intact, in the new millennium to lap up some past-due props and release a string of very respectable new albums. While lacking the at-the-time shock and awe of the band’s 1985 debut full-length, Infernal Overkill, last year’s Under Attack benefits from much warmer contemporary production and increased instrumental proficiency, while barely dulling these Teutons’ distinctively disciplined sonic bile. Still antsy, angry and uncompromisingly authentic, Destruction continue to earn their place on patch-encrusted denim “battle jackets” worldwide.
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