Dead Prez, Lyrics Born, Mayday

Dead Prez, Lyrics Born, Mayday

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The Roxy
9009 W. Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA  90069
“Time is getting rough, huh? That’s nothing new to us,” Dead Prez announced on “A New Beginning,” from their 2012 opus Information Age. “This crazy world we live in/They taking, ain’t no giving/Consuming not producing.” The Brooklyn duo of and M-1 have never been fascinated with collecting dead presidents like more materialistic rappers. Instead, they’d rather burn those dollar bills — and burn down the whole system: “The end of the world don’t mean too much/To us it’s a new beginning.” For all their uncompromising lyrics, Dead Prez aren’t about death and destruction. Instead, they confront reality with something more daring than violence — hope. “The dollar bill is just a piece of paper/If the lights go out, it ain’t gonna save ya,” advises on “What If the Lights Go Out,” emphasizing the need for “organization, communication, clarity, family, solidarity.”
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