The Broad Art Foundation © Estate of David Wojnarowicz David Wojnarowicz's Late Afternoon in the Forest (1986)


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The Broad
221 S. Grand Ave.
Los Angeles, California  90012
David Wojnarowicz’s painting Late Afternoon in the Forest (1986) is a grisly fairy tale; gray, brown and green dominate. A beaked skeleton protrudes from the nose of a crashed plane, guts and intestines visible inside the plane’s broken body. A Native American figurine leans awkwardly against lumpy-looking rocks. Skeletons of animals, a satyr and a god float above the forest floor. Visible in the distance, at the painting's top left corner, are columned capital buildings, precise and well-lit, seemingly aloof, willfully oblivious to the mythical destruction happening in the forest. This is the first painting you see when you enter "Creature," a show that takes a grittier, darker approach to the Broad's collection. Another highlight: recent collages by Polish artist Goshka Macuga, who has inserted images of preoccupied young women into photographs of a pontificating Lenin and solemn Marxist men.


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