Conjuring Cabaret With Cabernet

Conjuring Cabaret With Cabernet

Courtesy Daniel Perez


Past Event
$75, $125 for couples

Location Info:

Book Show & Parlour of Wonders
5503 N. Figueroa St.
Highland Park, CA  90042

If your most impressive party trick is eating more than your allowance of chilled shrimp without anyone noticing, it might be time to add something new to the repertoire. At Conjuring Cabaret With Cabernet, former Magic Castle magician Daniel Perez spends 90 minutes teaching some easy, effective ice-breaker magic and bar bets, aka tricks used to win free drinks from unwitting bartenders. Plus, as the event's name suggests, there will be lots of wine for imbibing. Admission includes the lecture, the booze and any props needed for the lesson. And, if you really pick up on those bar bets, you'll recoup the cost of admission in no time.


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