Comedy Ordinaire's Firstest Show!!

Comedy Ordinaire's Firstest Show!!



Past Event
Comedy Ordinaire's Firstest Show - USD 12

Location Info:

Lyric Hyperion Theatre & Cafe
2106 Hyperion Ave.
Los Angeles, CA  90027
Comedy Ordinaire presents their first comedy special "THE FIRSTEST SHOW"!! Comedy Ordinaire prides themselves on finding everyday extraordinary comedians for their shows. THE FIRSTEST SHOW goes beyond that. Whether known or unknown, if they brought the laughter, they were asked to perform. These marvelous comedians bring silliness fit for a hero. Come see an ordinary comedy show with extraordinary comedians Saturday May 20, 2017 at 8PM (doors open at 7:30PM..drinks start at 7pm.). It's Comedy Ordinaire's THE FIRSTEST SHOW!! Performers: Kyle Erby (Maron, Ciminal Minds, and Modern Family), Michael Blaustein (Comedy Central and MTV), Kat Radley (Fox's Laughs and Sirius XM Radio), Kazeem Rahman (Comic Veteran and local favorite), Galina Rivina (Laugh Factory, Comedy Store, and Improv regular), Keven Scotti (Comedy Store, Improv, and Glendale), Robert Adam (Comedy Store, Improv, Laugh Factory, KROQ). There is ample street parking but we suggest Lyfting over because, lets be honest, everything is a little more hysterical when you have a buzz. LET LOOSE! Artists / Speakers: Kyle Erby, Michael Blaustein, Kazeem Rahman, Kat Radley, Galina Rivina, Robert Adam, Keven Scotti.


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