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Edgemar Center for the Arts
2437 Main St.
Santa Monica, CA  90405
COMBAT AND WEAPONS TRAINING FOR ACTORS Our goal is to give actors the physical tools they need to be able to perform assigned action for camera safely, effectively, and with confidence. *This class is necessary for performers entering either stage or television/film productions where unarmed combat may take place. *Weapon Handling Skills, * Gun Techniques and Training. covering safety and the primary techniques of hand to hand combat (slaps and punches), All students train in learning choreography and quickly bringing fights to the performance level. How to properly hold a gun, how to draw, how to walk/enter a room holding a gun, how to stand and work with a gun to look authentic and realistic. Safety must-do procedures, including dos and don’ts. Hands-on training. Fight Skills, Training and Techniques. Basics of punch differences. How to properly throw a straight punch, a hook and other punches that work and look right. Proper stands, positions, reactions and techniques. It’s a Program Designed for Actors, to provide Actors with the Technical Skills and Know-How needed to show up to an Audition, or to a meeting with a Director or a Producer, or to Step on Set and Stand Out, by Delivering and Impressing with Knowledge, Competence. Confidence Script and Scene Choreography = Script will be provided for action scene guidance. Goal is to properly perform an action scene looking authentic and skilled with technical instruction received as well as camera angles know-how. It is Not a Stunt Class. 8 week 3 hour intensive| Sunday 11am-2pm Tuition $600 This class is not exchangeable for any other class. Call to register 310-392-0815 or email us at


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