Cindy Wilson

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Largo at the Coronet
366 N. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA  90048
You might think you know Cindy Wilson, but the vocalist from Athens, Georgia, is still full of surprises. She’s part of the triumvirate of wacky singers in The B-52s, and is perhaps as well known for her gravity-defying beehive hairdos as she is for her eerie and acrobatic vocals. She’s the sister of the late Ricky Wilson, the inventive guitarist who was the prime architect of The B-52s’ sound. For the past decade, she’s also fronted The Cindy Wilson Band, a surprisingly traditional blues-rock band, in which she belts out her lamentations with unexpected soul power. But she switches gears yet again for tonight’s show at Largo, which she’s calling “Change.” In this persona, she’s more of a breathy-voiced chanteuse cooing synth-pop songs, such as “Corporeal,” whose title belies the airily dreamy mood.
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