Catherine Fairbanks: "Two Chimneys"

Catherine Fairbanks: "Two Chimneys"

Courtesy of the artist and Wilding Cran


Past Event

Location Info:

Wilding Cran
939 South Santa Fe Avenue
Los Angeles, CA  90021
In 2014, while an artist-in-residence at the National Textile Institute in Iceland, Catherine Fairbanks acquired coarse white and brown Icelandic horsetail hair. She wove the hair onto the canvases to make the two small works that hang on the back wall at Wilding Cran Gallery. She arranged the hair so that the works vaguely resemble fireplaces: white hair longer on the sides and at the top, like a mantel, and brown hair in the middle like a hearth. Then she built two huge papier-mâché chimneys that stand in the middle of the gallery. Each weighs more than 200 pounds, and they look like they date back a century or two. The show has an old-fashioned, literary quality — you imagine yourself in a Grimm’s fairy tale, where something sinister and unexpected is about to interrupt the domestic bliss.


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